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Our staff is comprised of  PATH Intl. Therapeutic Instructors and Equine Services for Heroes Specialists.  We provide non-traditional therapies for anyone suffering from visible and invisible injuries sustained in the line of duty by our Nation’s Heroes.  Our services extend to ALL HEROES including law enforcement officers, firefighters, first responders, anyone in the medical field, and their families and caregivers. Our mission is to provide a renewed quality of life and hope for their future together with long term results. Empirical and scientific evidence obtained though research conducted by renowned professionals in this field supports the success of our methods.

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 PATH Intl. is the credentialing organization for accrediting centers and certifying instructors and equine specialists. 

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What We Do

We teach horse / human communication. Initial connections are made with all six feet on the ground.  We will provide services to include the family as a unit if requested and whenever possible.  Not everyone will have the desire to ride, so progressing to mounted work is a decision made case by case. We value the discussion of the goals of the client, their family, and caregivers, and will make every effort to take them into consideration  when designing the lesson plans. We incorporate specific techniques and safety measures in both groundwork and mounted activities.  We will customize our services to best  meet your needs. Please contact us to schedule your visit today.  


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